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Saturday //24August2002 - 15:15 (UTC) It continues the realization of the program Holos Global System with thirty plans: 1) Tejas - Development of the production and of use of the energy; 2) Udaka - Increase of the water availability and its redistribution; 3) Asana - Resolution of the problem of the hunger in the world; 4) Ayus - Search, therapy and prevention of the diseases; 5) Jnana - Strengthening of the flow of information to every human being; 6) Vadana - Spread of centre for social communication; 7) Karoti - Sector and regional plans of production; 8) Tetrakos - National economic plans of development; 9) Nava - Promotion and realization of new enterprises in every field; 10) Varga - The Universal Enterprise constituted by regional groups of enterprises; 11) Karana - World-wide development of means of production; 12) Bhaks - Production of consumer goods to continued use; 13) Seva - Development of the services for enterprises and privates; 14) Ecology - Environmental Program; 15) Kosa - Total system of financial relationships; 16) Cinoti - Collection of the saving to assign to productive scopes; 17) Parasparam - Productive destination of the produced wealth; 18) Synergy - System of social and commercial relationships between the enterprises; 19) Vencap -Participations to the strengthening of the enterprises; 20) Vikraya - International compensation of the commercial payments; 21) Stellar - Interactive computer system via ether; 22) Eka - Plan for personal security whit global spread; 23) Pat-patati - System of circulation with vertical takeoff vehicles; 24) Cyberbank - Bank data transmission for all the mass media; 25) Santi - Program of conversion of the war industry; 26) Avatar - World-wide centre of research; 27) Renewal - Plan of reform of the human relationships; 28) Republic of the Earth - World-wide Government elected directly by the inhabitants of the planet; 29) Dhana - New monetary unit of measure of the value; 30) Kayamara - Searches on mortality of the living cells

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