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Saturday //28September2002 - 12:15 (UTC) Sent Holos Global System to the states and the governments of 233 countries, for everyone of which it has been indicated the number of enterprises previewed by the ninth plan (Nava). The outline of the number of enterprises for country is published on the official notice of the 5 February 2002. See the costs of all programs. Saturday, 14 September 2002 - 14:15 (UTC) - Defined the costs nearly all the programs of Holos Global System: 1) Tejas - Development of the production and use of clean energy (eolica, hydroelectric, nuclear, biological, solar) on the entire planet, with investments of approximately 57.5 billions of EUR/USD (2.3 billions of Dhana); 2) Udaka - Increase of the water amount available and its redistribution, for a cost of approximately 340 billions of EUR/USD (13.6 billions of Dhana); 3) Asana - Food distribution to 777 million persons who suffer the hunger in the world, with a cost of 285 billions of EUR/USD to the year for three years, for a total of 855 billions of EUR/USD (34.2 billions of Dhana); 4) Ayus - Improvement of the health through search, therapy and prevention, for a cost of 450 billions of EUR/USD (18 billions of Dhana); 5) Jnana - Strengthening of the culture and the information, with the literacy of 1.4 billions of illiterates, with 7,700,000 didactic siets, for an investment of 77 billions of EUR/USD and 20 million teachers, for an annuale cost of approximately 150 billions of EUR/USD for three years, for a total cost of the program of 527 billions of EUR/USD (21 billions of Dhana); 6) Vadana - Spread of 252,000 interactive, similar centers of social communication to agorÓ, connected one to the other, for a total cost of 12.6 billions of EUR/USD (504 million Dhana); 7) Karoti - Sector and regional Plans of production - 1) America North, 2) America Center North, 3) Central America, 4) America Center South, 5) America South, 6) Europe North, 7) Europe Center, 8) Europe South, 9) Middle East 10) Asia Western North, 11) Asia North Oriental, 12) Central Asia, 13) Asia Western South, 14) Asia South Oriental, 15) Asia South, 16) Australia, 17) Africa Western North, 18) Africa North Oriental, 19) Central Africa, 20) Africa Western South, 21) Africa South Oriental; 8) Tetrakos - National Economic Plans of development, above all in the 141 Countries under world-wide the medium yield for-understood (7.000 EUR/USD), with a cost of 617.5 million EUR/USD (24.7 million Dhana); 9) Nava - Promotion and realization of 342,000 new enterprises in every field for assigned 83 million in three years, and others assigned 64 million in the successive three years, with a cost of 342 million EUR/USD (13.7 million Dhana); 10) Varga - An universal enterprise formed by from regional groups of approximately one million of enterprises on the entire planet, for 50 million workers directly occupied and others 100 million from the induced one, with a total cost of approximately 5,000 billions of EUR/USD (200 billions of Dhana); 11) Karana - World-wide development of means of production (machinery and systems to the 342.000 new enterprises) for a total cost of 3,885 billions of EUR/USD (155.4 billions of Dhana); 12) Bhaks - Development of the production of durable goods of consumption to use continued for a cost of approximately 115 billions of EUR/USD (4.6 billions of Dhana); 13) Seva - Development of the services for the enterprises and the private ones, with a cost of approximately 195 billions of EUR/USD (7.8 billions of Dhana); 14) Ecology - Program of environmental cleaning (air, water, ground) for a cost of approximately 45 billions of EUR/USD (1.8 billions of Dhana); 15) Kosa - Total system of financial relationships for the real economy (cost not defined); 16) Cinoti - Collection of the saving to assign to productive scopes (cost not defined); 17) Parasparam - Productive reinvestment of the produced wealth (cost not defined); 18) Synergy - System of social and commercial relationships between the enterprises in order to maximize the investments and use of the resources (cost not defined); 19) Vencap - Full use of potential productive of the existing enterprises, by means of sale programs in exchange for goods (cost not defined); 20) Vikraya - International Compensation of the commercial payments, a great operating center of applieds proceeds swap to world-wide level (cost not defined); 21) Stellar - Interactive computer science system via ether in order to receive in real time an answer to whichever question for which answer exists already one, for a cost of 5 billions of EUR/USD (200 million Dhana); 22) Eka - Plan of personal emergency to total spread, with 315,000 centers of ready participation, for a cost of approximately 395 billions of EUR/USD (15.8 billions of Dhana); 23) Pat-Patati - New system of circulation with vehicles to vertical takeoff for single and groups, for a cost of 5 billions of EUR/USD (200 million Dhana); 24) Cyberbank - Data transmission bank for every system of communication (cost not defined); 25) Santi - Program to convert the war industry (cost not defined); 26) Avatar - World-wide Center of applied researches, for a cost of 750 million EUR/USD (30 million Dhana); 27) Renewal - Plan of programmed reform of the social, civil, political and economic relationships and behaviors through the participation (cost not defined); 28) Republic of the Earth - World-wide Government directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet (cost not entirely defined); 29) Dhana - New monetary unit of measure of the value based on the job (cost total of emission approximately 490 billions of EUR/USD, par to 19.6 billions of Dhana); 30) Kayamara - Researches on the causes of mortality of the cells, for a cost of 1.2 billions of EUR/USD (48 millions of Dhana).

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