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Thursday //3July2003 - 12:00 (UTC) People of various Countries in which was proposed Holos Global System suggest to acquire banks and televisions for promoting e realizing the thirty plans of the program and in particular the Republic of the Earth and the diffusion of its Dhana currency. To all of their, we answer that who has beyond 16 trillions of US Dollars (news of the 31 May 2003 in cannot control also banks and mass media. If we made it, we would be charged of wanting to make an «empire» and not «a world-wide democratic government». Besides, the same means would be used that have provoked to the wrong distribution of the wealth (banks) and arrange politicians apparently democratic (some press and televisions) that, instead, Holos Global System wants to improve. It is not only a moral choice but also a precise social, political and economic strategy, which we cannot lack. Navasthana(*). Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi. (*) Navasthana is a greeting and means «new place» in Sanskrit.

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