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Wednesday //15December2004 - 17:15 (UTC) World 2005 and Holos Global System. PDF. Notes Friday, 3 December 2004 - 18:00 (UTC) - Some companies of the Holos Group (17,732 billions of euro group capital) are increasing their equity capital and have decided to accept the subscription of nominal value equity shares, for a total value par to 50 (fifty) millions of euro per Country, the maximum number of subscribers will be 200 (two hundred) per Country, for a minimum unitary investment equal to the value of 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) euro. The subscribers are give the bondís put and call, to be exerted, totally or partially, every six months until five years from the subscription. The option's price is equal to the subscription price increased by the 5% after 6 months, of the 11% after 12 months, of the 17% after 18 months, of the 24.5% after 24 months, of the 33% after 30 months, of the 42.5% after 36 months, of the 54% after 42 months, of the 67% after 48 months, of the 82% after 54 months and of the 100% after 60 months.

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