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Saturday //17December2005 - 17:35 (UTC) about war and poverty. All the peoples of the Earth desire peace but national states and their organizations have demonstrated they’re not able to avoid war. No national state can impose its force to all the others. No international organization can prevent the use of force by the strongest countries. The only authority that could establish peace and apply law on the entire planet is a supranational government directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet. This worldwide government can’t rise from the states but only from the single persons that acknowledge themselves as part of a universal republic. If not there’s nothing else left to do than to accept war. It’s up to us. Together we can. Who represents the organized will of all the planet’s peoples has more authoritativeness than all existing armies. The majority of humanity lives in poverty due to an enormous wealth distribution disparity. Legal tender currency is the means for the concentration of wealth in few hands. Currency was born to represent goods. Because currency has been issued in a bigger quantity than the goods it should represent, law set currency’s value. It has become a fake bill with no expiring date. If currency had a real value it wouldn’t need legal tender. The only means to redistribute wealth is currency with real value assigned in equal parts among all the inhabitants of the planet. Because work is the fundamental measure for goods value, currency shouldn’t represent goods but work. The adoption of the currency based on work and not on goods doesn’t depend upon enterprises or banks; indeed it depends on workers that can ask it as payment instead of legal tender currency. If not there’s nothing else to do than accept poverty. It’s upon the workers. If they want, they can. A currency asked for as payment by the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth becomes worldwide currency and substitutes legal tender currencies issued by banks.

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