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Wednesday //19September2007 - 16:00 (UTC) As we had foreseen, in less than three weeks the US Dollar has suffered nearly 4 per cent loss against the other currencies. That's happened as effect of the excessive monetary mass compared to the goods it represents and also owing to the real estate market crisis. The loss of the American currency could have been much higher if Dhura hadn't suspended, following the letter dated August the 30th, considerable assets denominated in US Dollars. Unfortunately, with the half base point reduction of the discount rate on September the 18th 2007, the Federal Reserve is causing a further increase of the monetary mass followed by the consequent devaluation of the US Dollar and the increase of the oil price for the next weeks, risking a real effective global financial crash. To avoid this forecast, Dhura will keep suspending and withdrawing assets denominated in US Dollars from the market for a few weeks, at the same said conditions. Thursday, 30 August 2007 - 11:21 (UTC) - Dhura ( has communicated to the major banks and financial institutions of the world the availability to purchase, within and not later than the 19th of September 2007, currency (physical and also credit money) and securities (shares and stock, even if not quoted) in US Dollars, Euro, Yen and Pounds in any amount, at the current rate, in exchange of currency, securities and goods denominated in Dhana ( , with the commitment to suspend the circulation of the currency and securities in US Dollars, Euros, Yen and Pounds purchased. Text attached.

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