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Friday 21/8/2009 - 9:00 (UTC) There are 57 days to the beginning of the Universal Conference of Humanity and 422 days to the end of 2010. The twenty-first initiative of Holos Global System is Stellar, a via ether informative system, which allows obtaining an answer to any question that has already been solved in real time ( All information about the event is published on Daiva. The highest payout in the world: 228 wins, each of which may reach 17.7 million Dhana, equivalent to over 700 million US dollars or 496 million euro, paid in legal tender currency. In conjunction with the first Humanity Universal Conference to be held October 17-21 2009, Dhura (, the entity that issues Dhana (, will launch a prize tied to membership in the monetary system Dhana made by 16 October 2009. The competition is called Daiva and its management is carried out by Daiva (, an entity specially created for this purpose. The rules of the Daiva competition has established by the Regulation published on

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