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Sunday December/26,/2010 - 16:42 (UTC) «Yes, we need to change the world economy. It is not a dramatic event in itself but rather is a necessary fact. Dramatic is the current situation. Drama would not change it. Today at least three decades, mankind is able to produce goods and services to meet all essential needs of every human being and therefore to determine the material conditions so that everyone can achieve the maximum development and full of self-discovery. And instead the majority of the population lives badly. In each country. Both in the West in the East. Both north and south. Billions of people, at least five billion out of seven, lives badly. In Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia. Europeans and Americans have generally improved their conditions to the detriment of the people, workers, and other continents. They have used their resources and their work. But they have gained their freedom. Why, can not be free as a people that oppresses another people can not free a person who oppresses others. This is true both within each country and globally. Paradoxically, the economic development of countries remained backward causes the poverty of the countries that were more developed. Despite their development process, in Brazil, Russia, China and India, hundreds million people are evil. This is because the development model and the economic structure have not changed: a few take possession of most of the wealth and all the others do not. Therefore, we must redistribute wealth equitably lai and to do the work necessary to take a coin to be filled in equal parts. Then, you must return the value of work organizing production according to the satisfaction of needs and not profit. Finally, each person must assume its responsibilities, without leaders and without myths, accepting the risks and taking part in the results of their actions. Only in this way you save the world and begins the history of human society». Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi.

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