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Saturday //February26,2011 - 7:21 (UTC) Two details of the monetary sovereignty and participation. 1) On the monetary sovereignty. Today, the financial elite controls the legal tender currency (which has no real value) and by this currency controls the states and their governments. The alternative solution may not be the nationalization or globalisation of legal tender, however, because the money would still under the control of the financial elite. The only solution is the currency of the work, issued on behalf of workers-producers and under their control, to be equally assigned to all inhabitants of the planet and with a maximum of issue. That's because Dhana. 2) On participation. The idea of a universal truly democratic system is viable only through communication «from mouth to ear». The web social networks are useful but they may not lead to reform the minds and especially transform ideas into civil action (non-violent) generally shared. Therefore needs the algorithm of Holos Global System.

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