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Saturday April/6,/2013 - 17:19 (UTC) As provided for at least forty years, humanity and the planet are precipitated in an irreversible chaos. This means that it is no longer possible to repeat the past. The fundamental cause of this situation is the hierarchical structure of the human system and of the nature in general. The only way out of chaos is a phase transition, with the transformation of the hierarchical structure in a conarchical. In physics, we know the quantum leap, the sudden transition of a system from one state to another because suddenly changes the energy state of its elements and thus their mutual interactions. In practice, changes the organization among the elements of the system. A quantum leap can be spontaneous or voluntary. In the first case is suffered by all parts of the system, in the second case is determined by them. To determine a new structure we have to imagine it. The new human community order post-state may be a valid model. The instrument to determine a real transformation of the organization of the structure of the human system (from hierarchy to conarchy) is the Republic of the Earth, a democraticgovernment system of the inhabitants of the planet and their groups to live in peace in the best possible way. To trigger the process of change, we can use EkaBank, Dhana and Kayamara. Together we can. Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi. Friday, April 5, 2013 - 9:38 (UTC) - At a time when you will have the general perception of the imminence of the collapse of the entire system, no material value that is not defended by nuclear weapons will be safe to the governments that all together will want to take possession on behalf of their masters who, before agreeing to lose power, they will try everything. And there will be those who will never accept it and will prefer to commit suicide. For this Balaloka, the security force of the Republic of the Earth, will serve.

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