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Tuesday April/23,/2013 - 8:35 (UTC) Please note that Dhana is issued in physical, electronic and data transmission. Dhana in electronic is managed by Gandhana, an electronic cash that allows you to pay and cash at a distance of a few meters in a totally confidential and anonymous. Gandhana can contain up to 10 billion Dhana, equal to a value to 10 billion grams of platinum. In this way, Dhana take back the money to its original functions of means of payment and reserve of value. Monday, April 22, 2013 - 9:26 (UTC) - About ochlocracy, Polybius wrote: "As soon as a new generation comes and democracy falls into the hands of the grandchildren of its founders, these are getting used so easily to equality and freedom of speech that they themselves now cease to understand the value and try to rise above the their fellow citizens, and worthy of note is the fact that richest people are attracted to this temptation. So when you begin to aspire to public office, realizing he could not get them through their own efforts or their own merits, they begin to seduce and corrupt the people in every possible way, thus leading to the deterioration of assets. The result is that through their unwise and immoderate desire to be in the offing, stimulate mass in the practice of corruption, accustom to it, and soon the role of democracy is thus transformed into the government violence and "hard pulse". By now, the citizens begin to get used to the gain at the expense of others and their prospects of victory for the livelihoods depend to arrogate neighbour's property, so do not just find a leader sufficiently ambitious and daring, but excluded from the honours of public office because of its poverty, will introduce a system of violence. Then join forces, will make their way massacres, will ban opponents and finally degenerate into a state of bestiality, after which once again find themselves a monarch and a despot."

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