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Thursday May/9,/2013 - 9:34 (UTC) Why no revolution has ever changed the hierarchical structure of the human system? Because every revolution has been driven by those who then replaced himself to those who there was before and used the peoples to achieve this purpose. Why no revolution has ever implemented the redistribution of wealth? Because if you transfer wealth from those who have more to those who have less or does not have, who controls the money immediately creates more money out of thin air and uses it to restore to previous reports. So what to do? In politics, the only way to change the political relations is the establishment of an organization from the bottom outside of existing institutions: it is the new order of the community post-state. In economics, the only way to de-concentrate wealth is participatory credit on trust, without collateral, without interest and without charge to finance the consumption of essential goods and services and to finance productive work.

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