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Wednesday March/8,/2017 - 8:34AM (UTC) If at who has the monopoly control of the money with which controls the world you take away this monopoly, at him only the secrets will remain. And all the inhabitants of the planet will be more free. With EkaBank, this is possible. Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi. Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 8:00 AM (UTC) - Money to the real economy - All agree that out of the economic crisis we must give money to the real economy. In fact, this is not enough. If to give money to the real economy meant only increasing consumerism of useless products and the profit of a few people, it would be a wrong answer (favoring a minority) compared to a real problem (the impoverishment of the majority). And this is already now, day after day. Instead we must find the solution to redistribute wealth equally and to involve all people at the economic process. Everyone must do according to his abilities and should receive according to his actual needs. This must be the result. EkaBank is an alternative and independent credit system to give money on trust, without collateral, without interest and without charge. It is the means by which you can start to transform and improve the existing one. Not only for a few but for all. With EkaBank you can have a quick input of real money in the economy for the benefit especially of those who need it most. Alone, the EkaBank system is not enough but it is a necessary means to trigger the change. If you understand, you are honest and really want to change the reality, open and make open an EkaBank account. Any information on EkaBank is on A summary on Monday, March 6, 2017 - 16:11 (UTC - It seems that someone has found a way to create for genetic manipulation of micro organisms that up attacking only individuals bearers of those specific genes.

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