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Friday March/10,/2017 - 10:39AM (UTC) I must - I do not come from the nobility, by Freemasonry, by the Mafia or a church. My roots come from the earth, the real one, the one cultivated by farmers. I have never been designated by someone. For this reason they are free to fight for what I believe is right. Without reservation and without ulterior motives. Studying and researching I became aware of reality. Travelling I checked the facts and the social, civil, political and economic. Asking and debating I understood what and how you can make to improve reality. And instead of writing and ask others to do, I proposed and I did. And that is unforgivable. Because my character, I had to train myself to endure threats of all kinds and from different parties, convictions and unjust sentences. And even infidelity and betrayal. But I can not resign and give up. For a not only moral but also ethical reason. A categorical imperative. I can not accept that while today and from at least forty years all human beings could live well enough and be free to fight for their own happiness, most of them live poorly and in conditions of subordination. Because of injustice, falsehood, ignorance and above all poverty. And this happens because a small group of people well organized considers all others as own instruments. Even for this today, for the first time, humanity is in danger of extinction. Not by natural causes but for self-destruction. To change this reality, I promoted the Republic of the Earth, its Dhana currency and all other initiatives provided by the Holos Global System program. Starting with EkaBank, an independent and alternative credit system to give money on trust, without guarantees, interest-free and at no cost to those who need it to live and / or to work. For more justice, more truth and freedom. I do not seek honours. I do not want power. I do not want recognition of any kind. Me enough being. I just wish people understood that together, only together it's possible. It's possible to have justice. It's possible to find out the truth. It's possible to gain freedom. And it's possible to defeat poverty, selfishness, violence. And even death. RMG

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