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Tuesday January/15,/2019 - 8:17AM (UTC) Some recipients of the attached message asked me if I am globalist, nationalist, internationalist or sovereignist, liberal, or marxist, and if I prefer democracy, dictatorship or anarchy. I replied that in all my life I have always fought for the truth of the facts, justice and freedom as means to achieve a real universal democracy: there can be no democracy without freedom and there can not be freedom without justice. And that my proposal to form new social, political and economic structures derives from history, that shows that national states and their international organizations have always only served a better organized minority to dominate the vast majority, that since the money was invented, human society depends almost entirely on it and that things have gone as they went because of the arrogance of the few and the ignorance of all the others. Quantum physics shows that we are all parts of the same unity that each of us can affect and from which we are all conditioned. Banality? Idealism? Dreams? It may be, but what is certain is that, as Albert Einstein said, problems can not be solved by using the same method that created them. First of all, we need to perceive reality instead of appearance. Therefore, we must try, we must have the courage to try new solutions, new methods, a new organization of human society. With humility but also with firm determination. Not for selfishness or for exhibitionism but for necessity. This must become our categorical imperative. So, let's act. I apologize if I bothered you. I'm available for any clarification. Best regards. Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi.

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