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Friday February/1,/2019 - 7:40AM (UTC) Scotopia (scotopic vision, ie adaptation of the eye to darkness). The current level of development of Humanity would allow every human being to meet, without excesses, the physiological needs, security, belonging, esteem (recognition), independence and self-realization. But an economic system based on competition rather than cooperation prevents the large majority from living with dignity and developing their skills. This system derives from the selective hierarchical structure of matter as it was formed almost immediately after the origin of the universe: these are the so-called initial conditions. However, the level of complexity of the set of human minds is today able to change the hierarchical structure of the human system and transform it into a hierarchical structure. The effect of this transformation would have repercussions on all matter, first on the animated one (nature), then on the inanimate one. In the text of 2012, the whole process from the hierarchy to the hierarchy is specified. Of course, the process must be triggered and can only be done by those who have more awareness of reality and more ability and willingness to change it to improve it: statistically, one in a hundred thousand, in all, about fifty thousand human beings, with at least sixteen years of age, heterogeneous and atypical. They are those who have a scotopic vision, can adapt to the darkness of the existing to transform it forever. If they come together, we begin to really change the world. Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi.

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