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Thursday February/28,/2019 - 8:15AM (UTC) Equivalence between mass and energy - «The matter of an ordinary body, contains in itself a sum of energy represented by the whole mass of the body, which moves all together and in block in space, with the same speed of the individual particles. [...] The formula mv2 gives us the strength alive and the formula mv2 / 8338 gives us, expressed in calories, this energy. Given therefore m = 1 v and equal to 300 million meters [per second], which would be the speed of light, also allowed for the ether, each will see that we obtain a quantity of calories represented by 10974 followed by 9 zeros, ie over ten million millions (pages 458-9)». Albert Einstein? No, November 29, 1903 is presented to the Royal Veneto Institute of Sciences, Arts and Letters, by Count Almerico Da Schio, a memory of dr. Olinto De Pretto (Schio, April 26,1857 - March 16, 1921), entitled: «Hypothesis of the aether in the life of the universe», dated 1.IV.1903 and then appeared in February 1904 in the Acts of the same Institute, Volume LXIII, Part II, pp.439-500. A year later, in 1905, Einstein published the Theory of special relativity. So it went

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