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Saturday June/22,/2019 - 7:21AM (UTC) "Pravartya" means "trigger" in Sanskrit. Holos Global System ( is a program of concrete initiatives to address the most felt and urgent problems of Humanity around the world. To trigger the implementation process of Holos Global System, one needs to identify one in a hundred thousand of the world's population with at least sixteen years of age, which should have characteristics quite different from the rest of the population. There are over fifty thousand people (5.2 billion people with at least sixteen years of age divided by 100 thousand) with whom it is possible to make probable what is still only possible. We will call these people "tiraskarin", which in Sanskrit means "excellent". The identification of tiraskarin can be attended by people from each country with at least fifteen years and nine months of age. To participate in the identification you must register for the program, pay a contribution for the selection costs different for each country and age and complete the psycho-physical test. When the identification program is completed (approximately three months are required for the selection), the people identified as «tiraskarin» will receive an engagement fee equal to a thousand times the contribution paid. Monday, May 27, 2019 - 7:58 AM (UTC) - The recent results of the elections for the renewal of the European Union Parliament show, if it were still needed, that in the capitalist system people act according to what, in Pentakos (, I call "perceived interest", which does not correspond at all to actual interest, clouded by an insufficient awareness of reality. (Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi).

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