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Thursday June//25,2020 - 9:33am (UTC) On September 10, 2012, in presenting the «Plan» for a real change, I wrote that «... either economic relations are changed and production is reorganized with free workers' associations -producers who work less to produce to meet everyone's needs and not for profit, or eliminate 6/7 of the human population within 10 years. According to all known historical experiences, in each of the two cases there would be violence.» The «Plan» provided and provides for a means to trigger change: the EkaBank credit system, to give money on trust, without guarantees, without interest and without expenses to those who need it to live and / or to work, specifying that, when at least three percent of the population of each country will have opened an EkaBank account, almost all will accept payments through EkaBank, and that, until the aforementioned percentage is reached, the task of EkaBank users will be to explain (from mouth to ear ) to all the people with whom they have relationships the need to open an EkaBank account. Almost eight years have passed and only slightly more than two remain to implement at least the first part of that "Plan". I therefore address all those who actually declare themselves interested in the change by inviting them to do their utmost to open as many EkaBank accounts as possible, in the belief that it is the only way to start an effective improvement in the living conditions of the vast majority of human beings. Thanks for the attention. Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi.

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